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Pennsylvania Career Colleges and Schools: 2013 Key Outcome Statistics

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July 2016 Update

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Find A Career School That's Right For You!

Career Schools in Pennsylvania

The Jobs of Tomorrow Dont Require 4 Year College Degrees

Its important to monitor employment trends when considering career colleges and schools in Pennsylvania. So many high school graduates are taught to believe that a four-year degree is an absolute necessity in landing a good stable job, however, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, just 20% of the new jobs created within the next decade will require a four-year degree at a traditional four year college.

Sadly, many graduates with four-year degrees will find themselves working jobs that didnt necessarily require that much education. With that comes mounting hostility and frustration over the time and money spent acquiring an education that failed to provide the accelerated career push they anticipated.

The great news for anyone living in or around Pennsylvania is the fact that career colleges and schools in Pennsylvania are plentiful and the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators a.k.a. the PAPSA - acts as a link and resource to anyone seeking a postsecondary, occupationally oriented education that can be completed from three months to three years dependent on the program.

Regardless of your career interest, the PAPSA network of 300 career colleges and schools in Pennsylvania likely includes a school, if not several, with programs that cater to your specific needs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the fastest growing occupations to be technician and technological support occupations in the fields of computer technology and health care. PAPSA schools include allied health technology schools in Pennsylvania and many computer information sciences schools in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania computer technology classes and health care training in Pennsylvania are plentiful and provide students with a quick direct means of learning marketable skills that can lead them to gainful employment without wasting years of time and money in college.

For example, in Pennsylvania, by 2012, some of the fastest growing occupations wont be medical doctors, surgeons, attorneys and college professors but rather:

  • Massage Therapists
    Massage therapy is a field with great job growth. Massage therapy programs in Pennsylvania are perfect for anyone seeking a stress-free rewarding job helping others alleviate stress and relieve pain. PA massage therapy classes are available at several career colleges and schools in Pennsylvania.

  • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
    Several allied health technology schools in Pennsylvania offer health information technician courses where students can work as medical coders, medical secretaries and medical transcriptionists for physician offices, hospitals, medical clinics and geriatric care centers.

  • Computer Support Specialist and Systems Administrators
    Pennsylvania computer technology classes prepare students to work as computer support specialists, technical support specialists and help-desk technicians.

    There are also computer information sciences schools in Pennsylvania that train students how to expertly collect, classify, store, retrieve and disseminate various data and information. Training at computer information sciences schools in Pennsylvania can give students the comprehensive technical skills needed to compete for technological jobs. Successful students can move on from Pennsylvania computer technology classes to jobs in major business and industry, financial institutions, consulting, government agencies, international agencies, investment firms and colleges and universities.

  • Surgery Technologists and Technicians
    Allied health technology schools in Pennsylvania can prepare students for a career as surgery technologists and Technicians. This health care training in Pennsylvania involves students learning how to assist with patient anesthesia, handle medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment, prevent and control infectious agents and sterilize equipment. The pay is good and jobs are plentiful, as surgeons need competent qualified and efficient surgical technicians to assist them during complex procedures. Just do some basic research on schools that offer health care training in Pennsylvania for surgical technicians.


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