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Pennsylvania Career Colleges and Schools: 2013 Key Outcome Statistics

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May 2016 Update

*Updates on Gainful Employment Regulation
*Federal Changes to Overtime Rules
*US Department of Education Guidance on Transgender Accommodations
*PAPSA Board Nominations
*PAPSA Golf Tournament
*PAPSA Awards

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PAPSA Workshops

Teaching Professionalism and Softskills
June 3, 2016
9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon
Antonelli Institute, Erdenheim (near Philadelphia)

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PAPSA Regional Meetings

There are no regional meetings scheduled at this time.

PAPSA Conference

July 20-21, 2016
Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey Hotel
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2016 PAPSA Awards

2016 PAPSA Distinguished Career School Graduate Nomination Form
2016 PAPSA Awards Criteria
2016 Awards Nomination Form
2016 Exhibitor Registration Form


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Find A Career School That's Right For You!

PA Career Colleges and Schools Help Meet the Needs of a Changing Economy

Pennsylvania Vocational Schools Can Retrain Workers For Careers With Growing Demand

No one likes to get a pink slip, but for some it can be an opportunity rather than a setback. The job market in Pennsylvania, and all over the country, is changing, and Pennsylvania workers will need to adjust to the new markets. The change is not coming to just the urban areas such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but all over the state, and no area is unaffected by the changing focus of the American economy. Pennsylvania Vocational Schools and career colleges are positioned to help workers meet the demands of the new and growing markets.

As technology and the economy changes, job seekers will need to diversify their skills or enter an entirely new line of work in order to find jobs in their local area and stay employed. Pennsylvania vocational schools and Career Colleges can help displaced workers train for new jobs in growing careers by providing the necessary certification and degrees most desired by current employers. There may even be financial aid available to help offset the costs of going back to school.

Vocational career colleges and schools offer inexpensive education in a reduced time period before a student is ready to enter the workforce. The concentrated curriculums offered by career colleges focus on relevant knowledge and skills students can use immediately after graduation. By teaching directly to the field of study, students are ready to work right away in jobs that are waiting for them. A vocational school degree may be the solution to an individuals unemployment woes by retraining him or her for a field where demand is high and growing.

PAPSA represents over 300 PA vocational schools and career colleges, not only in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas, but all over Pennsylvania. The schools in the PAPSA network offer degrees in a wide variety of career-oriented programs in many markets and specialized fields. All of them provide quality education geared towards preparing their students to meet the growing and changing needs of todays employers.

With so many options and opportunities available through vocational schools, unexpected job-loss need not be a tragedy. For individuals who see it as an opportunity to change careers or learn new skills, it can open a door to a better job in a new and growing market.


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